Always available due to Call overflows!

Is it important that the organization can be reached outside opening hours? By activating the overflow feature for Voice in Trengo. This way a call is automatically forwarded to an external number outside opening hours. And not only outside opening hours, but also when there are no employees available in Trengo.

Where can this be set?

The Call overflow setting can be found within the settings of any Voice channel (via Settings -> Voice).

After activation the Call overflow function, two options appear:

  • Outside business hours
    This feature can be used if the phone number needs to be forwarded outside opening hours, for example to an external call center.
  • No agents available
    This feature can be used for when the organization is open, but no one is available by phone in Trengo. So when all agents are offline for a meeting or during lunch, for example.

It is also possible to use both functions together.

To further activate an overflow, a number can be entered in the field that appears. It is important that the country to which the call may be forwarded is set first. Secondly, enter the number in an international format (example: 31851234567) and save the channel.

From now on the company is always available!