The department selector connects customers with the right team to answer their questions

The department selector for the chat gives  a customer the opportunity to immediately choose which department he or she wants to talk to. In addition, the chat is automatically assigned to the right team of employees as soon as the conversation is started. This great tool can be added to the Pre-chat form within the Website chat.

Create a department selector

As mentioned, a department selector is part of the Pre-chat form in the Widget. This can be found via Settings -> Website widget -> Website Chat -> Pre-chat form.

When adding a field to the form, it is possible to choose between a text field or the department selector.

If the department selector is selected, it can be set according to your own wishes using the following steps:

  1. Give the selector a title, which gives the customer the information he needs in order to make his choice.This can be done in all languages in which the widget is available.
  2. Choose "Add option" to add a choice option.
  3. Give the choice option a name as shown to the customers.
  4. Select the team that matches the customer's choice.
  5. Choose "Add option" again to add an extra choice and repeat step 3 and 4.

When all the choices have been added, they can be displayed in the widget by saving the widget with the green "Update Widget" button.

Because an employee can be part of multiple teams, the information as entered in the Pre-Chat form is also shown as a note in the conversation. This way the employee knows immediately what type of question can be expected.