Snooze😴 push notifications to stay focused

Is there a team meeting, or is it necessary to focus on an assignment or a conversation with a customer? Snooze push notifications in Trengo to don't get distracted.

Snoozing push notifications is done within the personal profile in Trengo. Navigate to "Preferences" to set the personal preferences regarding the notifications.

Snooze push notifications for a certain amount of time

No distraction for the next 30 minutes, the next hour, the next four hours, next week week or forever? Choose to snooze the push notifications for a specific amount of time. The picture below shows how this can be done.

Choose the specific time amount you would like to snooze notifications, save the settings and enjoy the peace and quietness.

Snooze notifications every day at a fixed moment

Don't want notifications outside the opening hours, or during lunch? It is also possible to automatically snooze notifications during that time (see image below).

Good to know: this setting applies to push notifications for both PC and mobile use.