Ticket Results: keeping track of the organization's performance

Ticket results (Conversation results) is a useful tool which requiers an employee to provide extra information concerning the conversation before it can be closed. Therefore, this tool can be used to give a conversation a certain status (satisfied customer, complaint, etc.), or the function can be used as a reminder tool for actions (Has a label been added?). This is because the employee is always obliged to give a Ticket result to a conversation.

Where are Ticket results created?

Ticket Results can be found via Settings -> Ticket Results. A new result can be created using the green +.

Creating a Ticket result it is a matter of filling in a desired option (a result that the employee can choose from), and deciding where in the list this will be shown. Don't forget to save the result, before creating a new one. Adding more possible results, therefore, happens with the green +-button.