Create views to gain a clear overview

Views, are the organization's personalized composite folders. This makes it possible to create an overview that exactly matches the wishes of the organization. In this way it is easy to have your own conversations with a specific label in their own folder, for example.

How do views work? 

Views can be created via Settings -> Views. By clicking on the green button, a new view is created.

First of all, it is important that the View gets a clear title, because this is the name under which it will be shown in the folder menu in the inbox.

Subsequently, conversations are arranged in the folder based on conditions. These conditions need to fall within the following types:


The folder only shows conversations that belong to a particular user in Trengo.


The folder shows conversations that have a specific status (New, assigned, or closed).


The folder shows conversations that contain a certain label.


The folder shows conversations that belong to a specific channel.

By combining the different conditions, a personalized sequence is created. The different conditions always work through the "AND" functionality. Conversations need to meet all set conditions in order to be shown in the folder.