Trengo and WeChat

WeChat is easy to connect with Trengo. In this way, the organization communicates easily with customers all over the world. 

How to connect WeChat?

In order to connect WeChat to Trengo, a business WeChat account is required. which can be created here. If this been done, the following steps can be taken in Trengo in order to add it to the inbox of the organization:

  1. Navigate to WeChat under Settings.
  2. Add a new channel through the green plus.

After this, the first settings concerning the channel can be set up: a recognizable name, a color, team, notification and business hours that will answer the WeChat messages can be added here.

If this is all done, it is time to actually connect WeChat to Trengo. This requires a few steps taken in both the WeChat account and in Trengo.

The first step is to copy the WeChat App ID and the App Secret to paste it into Trengo. This information can be found via the Admin Platform of the business WeChat account.

By logging in to the Admin Platform via the computer, it is possible to retrieve this information. Navigate here on the left to "Developer" to activate the developer mode here. After this has been done, the App ID and AppSecret can be found on the Account Admin Platform page. More information concerning this subject can be found on the WeChat website. After this, in the same window, the App Token and Webhook can be filled in. These can be found within the Settings in Trengo (see image above).

If all the information has been completed, create the channel in Trengo first, by clicking the green button "Create channel". Next click "Submit" on the page in WeChat. If that has happened, WeChat is successfully linked to Trengo.