Set up the organization's IVR menu

In Trengo it is possible to put together an IVR menu that suits the organization. This way, customers can talk with the right person in just a few steps. The best news concerning this function: the organization can design this menu themselves completely. This way it suits perfectly to the wishes of the organization.

Where can this be set?

A selection menu can be created under the settings of the telephony channel. Under the "Voice menu" function, a Voice menu can be added to the channel. Did not create a Voice menu yet? This can be done by clicking on the link under the Voice menu.

Create a choice menu

If "here" is clicked under Voice menu, the following screen will be created in which a IVR menu can be created using the green plus-button.

The following functionalities can be set per menu:

If the organization works with multiple IVR menus, be sure to provide each menu with a distinguishing name.

This is the greeting that is given in advance to the selection menu. Example: "Welcome to Trengo! In order to be able to provide you with the best possible service, you will now hear a choice menu. Choose one for Sales, choose two for Support, etc.". It is possible to add these personalized sound files yourself.

Here the actual choices can be added. Each choice consists of three steps: the Keystroke (the number that the customer needs to enter to make the choice), the action linked to it and a corresponding greeting, which can be heard after a customer has made a choice (example: "Thank you for make your choice, you will be connected to an employee as soon as possible").

The following actions are possible within the IVR menu:

  1. Route to voicemail: 
    This choice leads the customer directly to the organization's voicemail.

  2. Route to team: 
    Ensures that the phone call is transferred to a team of their choice within Trengo.

  3. Route to IVR menu: 
    In order to send the customer a more specific direction, the customer can be forwarded from the first menu to a second IVR menu, in order to make an extra choice.

    If this system is used within the organization, it is advised to create the choice menus in reverse order. Start with the last choice the customer has to make, and work back. With the function Route to IVR menu, it is possible to immediately select a next selection menu based on the name of the menu.

  4. Route to phonenumber: 
    This switches the selection menu directly to another telephone number. This phone number can be linked to Trengo, but that is not mandatory.

A choice menu only really applies if there are different choices for a customer. By clicking on "Add route" an extra choice can be added to the menu. In this way, the complete menu can be arranged according to the wishes of the organization.