Customer Satisfaction Report

You can view and monitor CSAT data in Trengo Analytics.

With the Customer Satisfaction Report you can:

  • Measure and evaluate team performance
  • Get insights into the quality of your conversations
  • Understand your customer's satisfaction levels at any point in time

and much more.

💡 To view the Customer Satisfaction Report, you need to be an account admin.

Customer Satisfaction Graph

The Customer Satisfaction graph gives you an overview of:

  • Your overall average CSAT score
  • Your overall response rate 
  • The number of received positive responses
  • The number of received negative responses
  • The number of received neutral responses

To learn more about your scores here.

  • Click on the bars or on the line in the graph to view the number of responses you received and your average CSAT score per day.
  • To spot any changes over time, adjust the date in the top right corner to visualize your CSAT insights over any period of time.

Metrics to compare


With the Rating tabs, you can filter out all Negative, Neutral, and/or Positive ratings you've received. Click on the checkbox to select or deselect the ratings you'd like to have displayed.


To view or compare the performance of specific email channels, use the Channels filter to visualize your data.


The Survey filter allows you to view and compare the performance of each survey you've created.


If you want to see CSAT data attributed to specific teammates, use the Users filter.


To view the results of the labels you used for your CSAT survey, use the Labels filter.

Customer Response Table

The customer response table shows you all important key information associated with your customers. It's designed to give you a better understanding of your customers and their experience with your business. It displays insights like how each customer rated the interaction they had with your business, the agent they communicated with, and the overall feedback they left.

The insights can help you with:

  • Which of your customers need more support and attention.
  • Understanding which of your customers are having the best or the worst experience. And why.
  • Identifying internal efficiencies
  • Turning unsatisfied customers into happy customers