Keep a record of all mismatches and make sure the Chatbot stays sharp!

Any question, to which the Chatbot has no answer or the answer doesn't meet the set "Answer confidence (%)" under "Settings", is registered as a mismatch in Trengo. A mismatch is therefore a question that the Chatbot does not (sufficiently) understand.

An overview of mismatches

By clicking on "Mismatches" in the Chatbot menu, all mismatches are displayed.

The Chatbot tries to give an appropriate answer to every mismatch. In addition, the "confidence percentage" is also displayed.

If there's no suitable answer, he doesn't know which answer is included and it's a 100% mismatch.

Adding a mismatch to an existing answer

By checking the box behind the mismatch, the mismatch is added to the Chatbot. The machine learning technique will then train the Chatbot within a few seconds (not noticeable) and provides this new information to it.

Adding a mismatch to a new answer

By clicking on "Select an answer" next to the relevant "Answer", all additional answers will appear. Click on "Create new" in the multiple choice list. Then a number of "Questions" and the "Answer" can be entered at the mismatch.

By checking the box behind the mismatch, the mismatch is added to the Chatbot.

Tip: if a "new answer" is added, we advise you to look up this question between "Questions" in the menu. You can then add more different questions to this answer. The advice is to come up with (at least) -5- questions for each answer.

Keep training the Chatbot periodically

A Chatbot is of course a success if it can answer more and more questions. By adding all mismatches and additional information on a daily or weekly basis, the Chatbot will become ever smarter.

For now we wish you loads of fun in training your first virtual employee in accordance with the vision to relieve the organization and help the customer more quickly 💪🏻!