Let the Chatbot officially participate in your team!

The time has come to make the Chatbot officially active! In this way the Chatbot can support and relieve your team directly in terms of customer questions that come in.

Publishing the Chatbot

By clicking on "Settings" in the Chatbot menu the option "Published" will appear. Turn this option on (button shows green) to allow the Chatbot to run directly on the team.

Also check whether the correct channels are selected under "Channels". This is where the Chatbot is activated immediately after. You can choose from your requested and linked chat channels, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and Telegrambots.

Don't forget to save the changes!

After the Chatbot has been activated, it's important that the Chatbot continues to be provided with information! How? This can be done by continuing training it, in order to keep track of the misses and to add them.