Use templates with 360Dialog as a Business Partner

Show the initiative yourself and approach the customer via WhatsApp? This can be done using approved templates. With a Business account via our Business Partner, 360Dialog.  This can be arranged with the following steps. 

Steps to take in 360Dialog

  1. Login to your 360Dialog hub and navigate to the dashboard. 
  2. Click on "Manage Templates"
  3. Click on "Add template"
  4. Fill out the form:

    1. Name
      The name of the template. This can only contain lower case letters numbers and an underscore (example: template_1).
    2. Category
      Choose the category of the template. 
    3. Language
      Select which languages can be supported in the template.
      💡Note: at this moment if you choose to have multiple languages for the same template, you can have one template in 360Dialog, but these languages have to be added separately into Trengo.
    4.  Template type
      At this moment Trengo will only support the Standart template type.
    5. Body
      Here you can write the text of your template. Make sure to make use of variables {{1}}, {{2}} etcetera to leave room for some personalization.
  5. Preview and submit your template to see how it will look like on Whatsapp.
  6. Whatsapp will now review your template and once it's approved, it's ready for use and can be added to Trengo. 

Steps to take in Trengo

  1. To link this template to Trengo. Navigate to Settings -> WhatsApp Business in Trengo. 
  2. Click on "Manage templates"
  3. Add a template by clicking on the green + button.
  4. Next: copy the following data from 360Dialog:
    1. Identifier or template name (for example: template_1)
    2. The exact message including the variable information (represented as {{1}}).
  5. Give the template a recognizable name in Trengo, this way colleagues can easily select the right template.
  6. Link the template to the correct WhatsApp channel.
  7. Save the template by clicking on Save Changes / Create template.

Once this is done, employees can use templates to actively approach customers via WhatsApp in Trengo 🎉. 

Tip: Make sure to read through WhatsApp's conditions for approval of a template.