Connect WhatsApp Business with Trengo via Messagebird

Already have a WhatsApp Business account with Messagebird? Here's how you can connect it: 

Steps to take in Messagebird

  1. Login to Messagebird.
  2. Navigate to the developers' section of the dashboard. 
  3. Create a unique "API access (REST)" token for each number you would like to connect. 
  4. To do this, create a unique "API access (REST)" token for each number. 
  5. Within "Description" enter the WhatsApp number and check whether the dropdown menu is set to "Live". 
  6. Then click on "Add". 
  7. Refresh the page to request the correct token under "Access Key" on "Show key".
    💡Tip: copy the key to a word document or notepad to enter it in the next steps.
  8. Go to the WhatsApp channel in Messagebird and copy the ID that is shown below the name of the WhatsApp channel.

Steps to take in Trengo

  1. Navigate to Settings --> WhatsApp Business
  2. Choose "Connect with one of our Partners" 
  3. Select Messagebird as the partner
  4. Give the channel a recognizable name (preferably equal to the name in Messagebird).
  5. Choose the teams that will get access to the WhatsApp channel.
  6. Paste the just copied tokens in the appropriate fields.
  7. Select an SMS fallback channel so that all answers always arrive, even if they are answered after 24 hours.
    💡 Tip: if you have not yet created an SMS channel, you can easily do this here. Or: use Templates!
  8. Make the channel definitive by clicking on "Create channel" if an SMS fallback channel is selected.

You can now start using your Messgebird channel in Trengo. Want to use templates with the channel, check here how this can be done.