Equip the Chatbot with small talk!

Small talk is applied in daily life. By making a chat about the general things in life, a relationship or bond can be formed. This makes people feel at ease more quickly and prevents uncomfortable situations. By equipping the Chatbot with small talk, basic questions will be answered immediately, which can then put a smile on the chatter's face!

Important: Small talk can only be added when the Chatbot is activated by the Trengo team. You'll be notified of this via email.

Setting up small talk

Trengo has made a small talk category available, with which you can equip the Chatbot in a standard fashion. By clicking on "Small talk" in the Chatbot menu, the "Enable small talk" button can be pressed. Dozens of questions, answers and greetings are then added to the Chatbot. These can be found under "Questions" and under "Categories".

Extending small talk 
It's possible to supplement the "Questions" under the small talk category with additional information. Please note that if small talk is ever disabled, all information from the Small talk category will be lost - permanently.

Have you added Small talk? Then start personalizing your Chatbot!