Request access to the Whatsapp API via our Business Partner

Getting started with WhatsApp in Trengo? This can be done by sending a request to be approved by Whatsapp. We work together with the official Whatsapp Business partner 360dialog to make sure you will be online within 10 minutes! 

Quick tips before you get started

Before you create a request to be approved for WhatsApp Business, make sure to be aware of the following: 

  • The WhatsApp Business application enables Businesses to communicate with their customers via Whatsapp. To overcome the risk of misuse by organizations, Whatsapp has set up the following limitations in its use.
  • The phone number the organization chooses to use for WhatsApp Business needs to be verified by WhatsApp. Make sure that this phone number can receive either an SMS message or an automated voice call coming from the US or the UK. Any kind of IVR menu needs to be disabled to receive this phone call.

Step 1: Accept the conditions and limitations of WhatsApp

  1. Navigate to Settings --> WhatsApp Business and click on "Connect your number" 
  2. We'll show you exactly what's ahead of you: the process in Trengo, the process at 360dialog, and connecting the channel. Click next to continue in the process. 
  3. Carefully read through the next screen, as we inform you all about how the WhatsApp Business API works:  
    💡 Note: Not sure if you are compliant with Whatsapp's commerce policy, or any other questions about the features? Click on "Talk to support", we are more than happy to help you out!
    After reading through, you can choose to agree with the WhatsApp limitations and Commerce policy.

After agreeing to the policies from WhatsApp, you land on the next page: 

Read through the last important information. 

  1. Using the Whatsapp API on an existing account
    Currently, it is not possible to use a number that already is in use on the WhatsApp Network, so before starting the connection process, please delete the number from the Whatsapp network. No worries: the process will take about 10 minutes, and then you will be back online.
  2. No extra charges
    During the Whatsapp process, Facebook says that you will be charged by 360dialog for WhatsApp Business. But we got you covered on this, so there will be no extra charges on connecting your number. 

Step 2: Setup your account at Whatsapp Business

  1. Click here to start the actual connection of the account.
  2. Fill out the form to create an account with our Business Partner:
    1. Your company email address; 
    2. Your first and last name; 
    3. The official Company name; 
    4. Password; 
    5. Government organizations: please reach out to us or to 360dialog for more information; 
    6. Accept the terms of WhatsApp and 360dialog; 
    7. Accept the terms from Facebook 
    8. Click here to continue; 
  3. After filling out the form and accepting the terms, you will be asked to connect your Facebook account:

    Click on "Continue with Facebook" to continue
  4. Use this panel to log in to your personal Facebook account. 
    A Facebook Business account is always attached to your personal Facebook account. But no worries: your personal friends and family will not be used by WhatsApp for this application.
  5. Give 360Dialog access to your account
    Continue in the next two screens to give 360Dialog access to your account:
  6. Create or Connect a Facebook Business account 

    Select the Facebook Business account you want to attach your WhatsApp Business to. Don't see a Facebook Business account here, select "Create new Facebook Business Account" to create one and click on "continue". 
  7. Create a WhatsApp Business account: 
    Create a WhatsApp Business account to connect your number to. Give it a name and select your timezone and click on continue.
    💡 Note: the name here will be just the name of the account for usage at Facebook, this will not be the name displayed with your WhatsApp number.
  8. Select a Display Name
    Fill out the name you want to use on Whatsapp.
    It is very important that this Display Name matches the branding of your organization. If you wish to choose a name that is different from your legal Business Name, please submit proof that you do own the desired Business Name.
  9. Choose the category of your Business and give a small description 
    In the dropdown, select the industry of your business and give your business a small description below.
  10. Fill out the phone number you want to use
    Select the country code from the drop-down menu and fill out the number you want to use next to it, leave out the first 0.
    For example, if you are a Dutch company and your number is 085 123 4567, you would select NL + 31 from the dropdown and fill out 851234567 in the field next to it.

  11. Select your verification method and verify the number:
    Select if you want to verify the number by voice or by phone and click "Send code" to continue. You will receive a six-digit code by text or automated phone call. Fill out the code in the form below and click "Verify".


 🎉 You have successfully activated your number on the WhatsApp Business API. Now let's connect it to Trengo. 

Step 3: Link Whatsapp to Trengo

Once you've verified your number, you will be redirected to your 360Dialog dashboard.

Here you can see the status of your request, details belonging to the number, and manage templates. But let's get you connected first.

To connect your number to Trengo, you will need its API key. To get one, click on "Generate API key" on this screen. A pop-up will show with an API key. Copy it and go back to the tab where you have Trengo open.

This part of the form has now been enabled:
Past the API key in its field and check if the API address is similar to the one you get from 360dialog and click on Submit.

Your channel has now been created and you are almost ready to use it!

Step 4: the channel's settings 

Finally, decide who's got access and what needs to happen with all those messages in the channel's settings: 


  1. Internal name
    Give your channel a recognizable internal name, so people know to which number/channel the incoming messages belong.

  2. Color
    The color you select here will be given to the channel's name in an incoming message. This helps to differentiate between different channels.

  3. Notification 
    Choose the notification sound your agents should receive when a new message comes in from this WhatsApp channel.

  4. Business hours
    Set the Business hours that belong to this channel.

  5. Notification email 
    If you don't work in Trengo all day an extra email notification of an incoming message might be useful. Fill out to which email addresses these need to be sent.

  6. Reopen closed conversations 
    When this feature is enabled it will reopen a closed conversation whenever a customer sends a new message to your Whatsapp number. This helps you to easily check in to the conversation history. Disabling this feature makes that a new conversation is created after the previous one has been closed.

  7. Teams
    Choose which teams have access to the WhatsApp channel.

  8. Back to the partner dashboard
    A Quick link to the dashboard from 360dialog.

  9. Status of your channel 
    If you are still in the process of verifying your Facebook Business account or awaiting WhatsApp's approval, you can see your most recent status here. More information about these statuses can be found here.

  10. API key
    Here you will find the API key you just filled in. Be aware that the same API key will only be shown once in the 360dialog dashboard. If you chose to regenerate a key, you will need to update this field in Trengo as well.

  11. Address
    The same server address as you filled out during the setup.

  12. Namespace
    You will get a namespace in your 360dialog. You can paste it here, it will be used to link your templates to your WhatsApp account. More about templates for this partner can be found in this article.

  13. SMS Fallback 
    Another option to get around the 24-hour limitation is the SMS-Fallback. In this way, you can send to the customer whatever you want and the message will be delivered by SMS, including a link to take the customer back to WhatsApp.

  14. Channel info
    Check if the number and the partner are correct.

If all these settings have been set up, you can start sending Whatsapp messages. Note, at this time you still have limited access to the WhatsApp service. Verify your Facebook Business as soon as possible to get unlimited access. 

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