Introduction to Chatbots & start to deploy!

We're proud of our Chatbot technology, which makes it easy for you to deploy the Chatbot as a virtual employee in your team. By using Chatbots, the customer receives direct answers to questions asked via Website chat, Facebook, Twitter or Telegram, even after opening hours.


A Chatbot is a fantastic application that can be used in every sector. By adding relevant information, the Chatbot (also known as the virtual employee) will know the answer to complex questions. Before a Chatbot can participate optimally, the advice is to provide the Chatbot with basic information of the company. By programming the Chatbot for answering "frequently asked questions", the team can be relieved faster and more efficiently. The customer receives the answer to his/her question directly from the Chatbot, even after opening hours when no employee is available!

Good to know before you get started

A Chatbot is completely dependent on the provision of relevant information, so please carefully read the articles below. These help you to optimally configure the Chatbot and prepare you for the real deal:

  1. Requesting the Chatbot
  2. Configuring the Chatbot
  3. Start by training the Chatbot
  4. Play with - and test the Chatbot in the Playground
  5. Let the Chatbot officially participate in the team
  6. Track the misses and continue training the Chatbot

We wish you lots of fun in the use of our Chatbot 👊😃!