How to add a customer satisfaction survey

With CSAT, you can give your customers the option to rate their experience with your team. To add a customer satisfaction survey to your Trengo conversations you'll need to:

Let's start by creating the survey.

1. Create a Survey

Go to your Settings > Customer Satisfaction and then click on 'Add first Survey'.

Next, start creating your survey.

Example of the call-to-action button below your thank you note. 

Now that you've successfully created your survey, let's set up a rule to trigger your survey.

2. Set up rules to trigger your survey

Rules allow you to define when a survey should be sent to your customers, which customers should receive it, and which channels you want the survey to be triggered on.

To add a rule, simply click on the button 'Add new rule set'.

To learn more about CSAT rules, continue reading here

If you'd wish to continue later, click on 'Save as draft.' Your progress will be saved and, you'll be able to continue where you've left off.