What is Team Chat?

Team chat is a great place where you can communicate with your colleagues. Talk with your colleagues on a personal level, or have a group conversation with the entire team. Team chat makes it all possible.

Team chat is accessible via all versions of the Trengo inbox: the mobile app, desktop app, and the browser so you can talk to your colleagues wherever and whenever you want.

How to access team chat?

Every user in Trengo has access to team chat, even light users. You can find it by clicking on the "group" icon in the left sidebar:


Team chat navigation 

When you open team chat and navigate to a conversation, the screen looks similar to this:

  1. Search
    Use this search bar to find a colleague or group chat you want to start a conversation with.
  2. Groups
    You can have a conversation with a group of colleagues, like your department or a project team. We call these "Groups". Every user in Trengo has the right to create a new conversation using the +-icon next to Groups. We tell you more about group conversations in this article.
  3. Colleagues
    An overview of all colleagues that have a Trengo account. You can see all colleagues, no matter which team they are in and/or their role. Even Light users have access to team chat.

More about team chat:

You now have the basics of team chat, let's look at the following subjects:

  1. Creating and managing Group conversations;
  2. Having one on one conversations with your colleagues
  3. Notifications for team chat;
  4. Video calling (coming soon);