How to setup your microphone / speaker settings

When making a call in Trengo you need to make sure that the correct device is selected, by checking the Audio Settings. So that when you make a call the customer on the other end can hear you and you can hear them.

Click on the voice icon in the left menu, then click on the gear icon. You will now see three options under Audio Settings:

  1. Ringtone device
    Will sound the actual incoming call
  2. The output device during phone calls
    This is where you will hear the other person talking
  3. The input device during phone calls
    This is your microphone

Next to the 'Ringtone device and the output' you see the 'test button, with this, you can check if you are actually hearing the sound on the correct device.

💡 Tip! You are using a headset for calling in Trengo but do not want to have it on your head all day? Then make sure that you change the 'Ringtone device' from your headset to the speakers of your laptop. This enables you to only wear your headset when you are making a call, as you hear the phone ringing from your speakers!