Show always as available - how to reach an offline chatter

How to reach website visitors who approached you via live chat outside of your business hours? The chatter is now offline but you would love to follow up on his/her question. The solution is: "Show always as available" option!

What does "Show always as available" do?

The name says is already - with this function turned on the chat will always seem online. After initiating a chat conversation, the visitor will be asked to leave his/her email address which will be saved in the contact.

Please note that this function needs to be set up by an administrator.

Replying to an offline chat

When the chatter leaves your website after entering their email address you can get in touch by typing a message in the typing bar the same way you would do when replying to a website chat. The chatter will receive their answer from a unique Trengo email address straight in the mailbox.

Please note that the signature won't be included in that message. It needs to be typed manually.