How to accept a chat conversation

Live chat and is the fastest way to connect with your customers. Real-time conversations allow you to assist your website visitors and answer their questions in no time.

How to be available for chat conversations

To ensure that a chat conversation can be picked up and answered immediately it is important to know which agents are online and available for chat. To make sure that your status is "online", simply click on your profile photo in the lower-left corner and set your availability to Available for chat.


Trengo distinguishes three options for this availability. This can be seen in the bar on the right  side of the screen to make it easy t check who is available for chat conversations:

Online - Logged into Trengo and the chat status on online (green)

Away - Logged in Trengo, but the chat on offline (red)

Offline - Not logged in Trengo

Assigning a conversation

A new conversation will trigger a notification in Trengo. To make sure that no chats are missed always enable and allow them in your browser.

To answer a chat conversation it must be assigned first. Account admins or supervisors can do this themselves, but Users have to be assigned to a chat in order to access it.

After a chat has been assigned, it can be answered by the agent.