Transferring a call

Did you receive an incoming call but it needs to go to a colleague of yours or perhaps a completely different team? No problem, with Trengo you can easily transfer a picked-up call to a colleague, team, or even to an external number.

  1. Pick up an incoming call
  2. Click on the 'Forward' button
  3. Choose if you want to forward the call to a user, team, or an external number
  4. You will now have a call with the agent that picks up the forwarded call

To forward or not to forward

Can the other agent pick up the call? Then click on 'transfer'. The other agent will take over your call.

Can the other agent not pick up the call after speaking with you? Or does no one pick up your call? Then click on 'cancel'. Choose if you want to forward the call to a different agent or close the pop-up. You will be redirected to the caller, make sure that you take the caller out of the queue first by clicking on the 'pause' button.

To an agent

When forwarding a call to an agent you will first call the selected agent and wait for them to pick up your forwarded call.

To a team

Instead of only one agent being notified about the forwarded call, all agents available for calls in this team will be notified.


Does the person the caller wants to speak with not use Trengo? Then you can also forward the call to an external number. Make sure that you use the international format (without the + sign).