Connect with to gather order statuses in your Trengo inbox

Get insights into customer orders placed at, using our sidebar integration with The integration will show information based on the e-mail address and the order number shown in the subject of the email. 

Gather API credentials from

To connect to Trengo, you need to create API credentials in the so-called "Client credentials flow". To get the right credentials for Trengo, take the following steps:

  1. Login at the seller dashboard (sdd) and navigate to settings (instellingen) and navigate to "API instelligen" from there.

  2. Fill in the details for the technical contact. Next, fill in the details of the technical contact at your organization. It is important to share this information with Partner service, so they can get in touch whenever there is behavior on the API that should be optimized or prevented. Not supplying contact information will mean partners cannot access the API.

  3. Create API credentials in the new available section. Press the 'Aanmaken' button to open a dialog in which you can specify a specific name for the credentials. Provide a name for the credentials (For example Trengointegration) and press "Ja, voeg toe".

  4. Click on "Toon secret" The newly created credentials should now be added to the list. Click on "Toon secret" to show the Client secret. Copy this one, we need it later!

  5. Also, copy the ClientID This is shown in the overview list of the API credentials.

After creating these credentials at, it is time to create the app integration in Trengo 🚀!

Create integration in Trengo

With these credentials, we can connect to Trengo with the following steps in Trengo:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Apps and integrations > apps

  2. Create a new app by clicking the green +

  3. Select from the dropdown menu:

  4. Give the app a recognizable name (for example

  5. Fill in the Client ID and the Client Secret, which were copied from above.

  6. Click on Save changes

  7. Done 🎊

What information is shown?

The information will be shown in a sidebar, next to a conversation. This information will only be shown next to emails with customer questions asked via the page. These will appear as emails in your inbox with in their sender domain.

  1. Order information
    The exact order: what is ordered, when and at what cost. Also, the order status is shown.
  2. Shipping information
    Contact's shipping information.
  3. Billing
    Contact's billing information
  4. Total amount
    The total amount the customer has paid for this order.