Adding a user to a yearly subscription

Opted for an annual subscription, but still want to add an extra employee? That's no problem! It can even be done beforehand. 

How can this be set?

Adding extra users with an annual subscription can be done in different ways.

1. Expected growth

Is the growth in the number of employees working in Trengo known in advance? Because it is possible to purchase additional employees or "seats" in Trengo in advance within the annual subscription. For these extra employees an actual account is not required directly, but you can "save a seat" for them, to fill up during the year.

At the end of the trial period or a yearly subscription, it is possible to choose a fitting package for the organization. Trengo will provide you with a suggestion for the best fitting plan at that moment, but it is possible to change this according to one's own preferences.  

2. Add additional (temporarily) employees during the contract

New employees can be added during the year as well. This can be done at any moment. Good to know: the moment the plan is updated, it is possible to include these extra users in the annual subscription, or to add them temporarily. To do so, choose "monthly" or "yearly" for "Your Plan".

If the employee stays the rest of the year, it is advisable to opt for the annual subscription. In this way the employee is included in the annual plan and the discount will be used. The additional fee can be settled immediately after the update.

Are the extra employees temporary? Then you can opt for monthly payment. Then the costs for these additional users are charged monthly.