Connect Trengo with Hubspot

Great! Integrating Hubspot with Trengo will gather all information in the same place. This integration gives Trengo insight into all contact details, notes and the latest deals of every contact person. Below is explained how the connection is established.

Create a new integration.

To link Hubspot, or to actually integrate it with Trengo, a new integration has to be established: 

  1. Navigate to the settings of the Trengo account and choose "Apps & Integrations".
  2. Choose the "Apps" function.
  3. Add a new App with the green + button.
  4. Give the integration a name in the menu in Trengo (for example "Hubspot [company name"]).
  5. Select at App-type for "Hubspot".
  6. Click Save.

Have colleagues log in to Hubspot via Trengo

To be able to forward messages to Hubspot, it is important that the employee logs into Hubspot via Trengo. How and where this can be done is described in this article.