Receive messages in Trengo

It is possible to answer questions from your own Trengo inbox. To achieve this, take the following steps: 

1. Contact

First, contact to enable the option "Answer customer questions in your own CRM system". Mail this request to or contact them at +3130-3104996 for the Netherlands or +322-7885990 for Belgium.

Have you received access/confirmation that this is on on your partner account? Next create a channel for these messages in Trengo.

2. Create a channel in Trengo 

Take the following steps within your Trengo account: 

  1. Go to Settings → Email → 'Connect other email provider'
  2. Copy the entire forwarding address ending with ' '

    💡 Note: make sure that auto replies are disabled on the email channel. You can check this by going to your email settings.

3. Link to Trengo

Log in to the partner portal and go to Settings → Account  Contact. Enter the copied email address ending in @ and click "Save".

🎉 Congratulations! From now on, you can answer all messages in your Trengo inbox without having to log in to the partner account.

Some useful tips

  1. Automatically close other emails from
    From the moment everything is automatically forwarded, will also forward order confirmations and other emails to the Trengo email channel. You may want to prevent this from cluttering your inbox by creating a rule that automatically closes these emails in Trengo.

  2. announces that the customer's question no longer needs to be answered
    Do you receive an email that has already taken over the email and you no longer need to answer it? How nice would it be that the previously received email with the question in it, including the "no longer answer email", is automatically closed in our system? This is also perfectly possible by setting a Rule in Trengo that captures the subject and automatically closes it as an action.

Learn how to set up rules here.