Time Tracking

Measure how much time agents spend on a ticket by enabling time tracking.

Take the following steps to enable time tracking:

  1. Go to the right Trengo menu
  2. Click on the three dots next to 'Conversation'
  3. Select Time Tracking

You can now enter how many minutes you spent on the conversation. Note: this has to be filled in manually, it can not be used as a stop watch.

Time Tracking Results 

It is also possible to analyze the results of time tracking. You can find this under the heading reports > Time Tracking. You can export specific results such as conversations from certain users, contacts, profiles, channels, and/or labels.

This is what it will look like in Trengo:

  1. Filters 
    You can filter the Time Tracking results to get insight per: 
    1. User 
    2. Contact 
    3. Label 
    4. Profile 
    5. Channel
    6. Ticket 
    7. A certain time frame
       This helps you to know how well agents are performing, or how much time you can charge per customer. 
  2. Relevant conversations 
    Next, the relevant conversations per filter are shown. No filter selected, then all tickets that have a filled out Time Tracking field are shown here.
    Next to the ticket number, you will see the name of the contact and the time spend.
    To see more info, click on "See details (3)". 
  3. See details
    To get more insights on the Time Tracking per ticket, you can click on See details. This will show you this information:
    1. The agent that worked on the ticket
    2. The description of the worked time he/she left there. 
    3. When the Time tracking information was added. 
  4. Total time 
    Shows the total time that has been used within the set filters. No filter set? The total time of all tickets with time tracking filled out will be shown here.
  5. Export
    It is also possible to export the selected data into a csv file. Once you click export, an export will be created and ready for download in the overview right below: