Starting a new conversation

Being able to respond to messages from customers is one thing, but sometimes it is also nice to actively approach customers and that is also possible in Trengo, by means of the plus sign above the tickets.

By means of this plus sign a new window is shown in which the message can be drawn up.

Choose the channel

It is possible in Trengo to start conversations yourself via e-mail and SMS. Those who create a new conversation will see that the channel has already been completed, but this can easily be changed in the following way:

In this way it is therefore possible to start a mail conversation or an SMS conversation from Trengo.Chat and social messaging conversations can only be initiated by the customer himself.

Besides that it is possible to start a written conversation in Trengo, it is of course also possible to call someone .

Good to know: a newly created message does not have to be sent immediately: this can also be done at a later time by means of this great function! .