Help Center Settings

To make sure the Help Center is visible and recognizable for your customers, you can adjust the Help Center's Settings: 

Within these settings you can set up the following general features: 

  1. Published
    Publish your Help Center to put it online and visible for your customers.
  2. Company Name
    The name of the organization that will be displayed in the Help Center here:
  3. Languages
    The languages you want your Help Center to be displayed in.

    💡 Note: You need to write the translations for every Category, section, and article yourself. This can be done within the article, category, or section itself.
  4. Default language 
    If you work with a Help Center in multiple languages, the language in which the Help Center will be displayed for the visitor is depending on that person's browser settings. So if the browser is set to English and you have an English translation of the Help Center, it will appear in English.
    The default language is the language in which the Help Center will appear in case you don't have a translation for that person's browser language. 
  5. Help Center title
    The title of the Help Center, which will be displayed here:

    💡Note: if you have multiple /languages in your Help Center you can translate the title in all languages here as well.
  6. Homepage URL: 
    The link back to the homepage, which will be reached via this link:
    💡Note: there will be only one Homepage URL, no matter how many translations you add.

Advanced settings 

There are plenty more options to adjust the Help Center to the wishes of the organization. The following articles will help you to: 

  1. Place the Help Center on your own sub-domain; 
  2. Track the success of the Help Center via Google Analytics;
  3. Add widgets or other apps to your Help Center using Custom Head code;
  4. Choose whether you want your Help Center articles to be added to your Google search results.