Often a quick video call is way more efficient than text chatting. Therefore, Trengo offers the option to video call with your colleagues in an instant. Below, you find everything you need to know about video calling with your colleagues, using Trengo.

Start a video call

1. Navigate to Team chat in Trengo, and select the colleague you’d like to video call;

2. Your chat conversation with this colleague will be opened. Above this conversation, click the ‘camera’ icon, and select ‘Video call';

An extra tab will open and your colleague will get a notification, asking them to join your video meeting. If your colleague confirms the call, they’ll join you directly. In case the call gets declined, you’ll see the message below in your chat conversation.

Join a video call

1. When one of your colleagues starts a video call with you, a notification will pop up on your screen. You can either accept or decline the call. When you accept the call, you join the video meeting directly;

2. In case you missed the notification, you can still join the video meeting by clicking ‘Join call’ in your chat conversation with this colleague;

Video calling interface

When video-calling a colleague, there are different features you can use.

1. Microphone: Using this feature, you can mute or unmute your microphone.

2. Camera: This option lets you disable and enable your camera.

3. Screen sharing: Are you more of a visual storyteller? Use screen sharing to share a window or tab with your colleague.

4. Settings: If you have multiple microphones and cameras connected to your device, you can choose which one you like to use here.

5. End call: Once you’ve discussed your matter, you can end the call using this button. You can also end the call by closing the tab, in which the video call takes place.

ℹ️ Do note that you’re able to video call a colleague one at a time. It’s not possible to start a video call with a group of colleagues.